MONTICELLO ACADEMY UNIFORM SALE - July 28, Thursday, Noon - 7:00 pm

True Value Family Store

Will be at the school with MA-approved uniforms for sale and to order.


Drop off on July 26-27, Tues & Wed., 8AM-NOON, if you have uniform items you wish to sell.  Remember, your first $5 in sales will be donated to the school unless you volunteer at least 1 hour during this uniform sale.  Please follow these guidelines:

  • Supply one envelope with your name and phone number.
  • Pin a small note on each item stating: name, phone number, and asking amount in whole dollars.  (Tape & adhesive labels come off!)
  • Clothes must be clean and neatly folded (skirts/jumpers may be on hangers).
  • Shoes must be clean and secured in pairs (in bag, box, or tied together).
  • If you want to keep unsold items, please pick up at 7:00 pm that night, or they will be left unattended in the lost and found closet until school begins again.
  • Money must be picked up that night by 8:00pm OR applied to your family’s school account.  (Contact Aleece Winters before the sale if other options are needed.)
  • Checks are accepted.  If buying, please bring small bills ($20 largest accepted). 

We NEED volunteers, especially if you have experience helping with a sale.  For questions or to volunteer, please contact Aleece Winters (801) 968-3662 or

* The Uniform Committee reserves the right to decide if items meet the MA uniform policy.  Please only bring items in good wearable condition.  Clothes/money must be picked up as specified unless prior arrangements have been made.  No attempt to contact will be made for money due totaling less than $5 (unclaimed $ will be donated to the Parent Council).  You may leave unsold items to be donated to the school’s uniform closet.

Please see your email for additional details and links for volunteering instead of donating your first $5 in sales. 

Last Updated: 07/18/2016
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