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Juan Caballero
Name: Juan Caballero
E-mail Address: juan.caballero@monticelloacademy.net
Bio: Juan was born in a small town of southern Spain called Castilleja de la Cuesta. There a somewhat known man by the name of Hernan Cortés had a magnificent palace and left it to the locals when he died; a palace in which Juan attended school under the watchful eye of nuns and monks. His teachers there were passionate, driven to help their students succeed, and excited about learning new things themselves. This is the reason why Juan is excited to work at Monticello Academy and passionate for all things school-related.

After moving to the US in 1999 and learning the language (somewhat accurately), Juan attended school at the University of Utah where he graduated with two honors Bachelors degrees in History and Classics, with an emphasis in Ancient Greek and Latin, in 2012. He quickly became adept at teaching languages and thus he taught Spanish, Latin, and Ancient Greek through the better part of six years as a tutor and mentor, as well as a professor substitute. Juan received a Masters Degree in Ancient Literature and History in 2015 and has been accepted to the University of Utah for a PhD in Spanish.

Juan is excited to teach and help develop the language skills students at Monticello academy already possess but also, in the spirit of that small private school in Spain which used to belong to that conquistador Hernan Cortes and later to amazing teachers he is ready to learn, motivate, and improve, in order to become a better educator for the benefit of his students and his peers.
John Capel
Name: John Capel
E-mail Address: john.capel@monticelloacademy.net
Becky Christiansen
Name: Becky Christiansen
E-mail Address:
Bio: Lunch Aide
Jenny Clay
Name: Jenny Clay
E-mail Address: jenny.clay@monticelloacademy.net
Bio: 1st Grade Teacher
Kim Coleman
Name: Kim Coleman
E-mail Address: kim.coleman@monticelloacademy.net
Bio: Executive Director
Sara Crawford
Name: Sara Crawford
E-mail Address: sara.crawford@monticelloacademy.net
Cindy Cruz
Name: Cindy Cruz
E-mail Address:
Bio: Special Education Aide