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Barbara Jacobsmeyer
Name: Barbara Jacobsmeyer
E-mail Address:
Bio: I am excited to be teaching 2nd grade at Monticello this year! I graduated from Westminster College in Elementary Education and Special Education. I also earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Utah. Before I started teaching full time, I worked as an AmeriCorps literacy coordinator, helping students with their reading.

I love hiking, visiting National Parks with my family, and baking yummy treats! I have a German Shepherd dog named Magic. I have six children who keep things very interesting at my house! I would love to travel around the world some day, but for now I will just enjoy my adventures with my family and with teaching!
Alison Jacobson
Name: Alison Jacobson
E-mail Address: alison.jacobson@monticelloacademy.net
Miriam Jacobson
Name: Miriam Jacobson
E-mail Address: miriam.jacobson@monticelloacademy.net
Moana Jacobson
Name: Moana Jacobson
E-mail Address: moana.jacobson@monticelloacademy.net