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Dez Keene
Name: Dez Keene
E-mail Address: dez.keene@monticelloacademy.net
Alan Kendall
Name: Alan Kendall
E-mail Address: alan.kendall@monticelloacademy.net
Bio: I was born and raised in Santiago, Chile where I developed my passion for “Fútbol” (aka soccer) playing for my school and different small teams; I learned to play as a team member in order to accomplish goals and as the key to success. I moved to Utah in 2001, I had different experiences in business as Mortgage Loan Officer and small business entrepreneur. In 2010 I had the opportunity to start fresh in school and I decided to pursue my all-time dream, became a teacher.

I married into a family of educators. From my father-in-law, a retired Orem high school principal, to my brother-in-law, an elementary school principal, to my wife, a veteran elementary school teacher of 20 years, I have been surrounded by professional educators. While I was going to school, I was a substitute teacher, Spanish translator for IEP appointments and parent teacher conferences in the Granite School District. I enjoy learning and providing learning opportunities for others. My wife and I have a blended family of seven children ranging in age from the eldest daughter, age 24, to our little first grade son.

Hands-on learning discoveries, varied learning experiences, using technology in the learning process, developing personal responsibility and a love of learning are the focus of my classroom. Just like in Fútbol where you have to learn to be part of a team, I strongly believe in the necessity of pass such values to my students, they learn that “The Team is the Star” and the personal performance and development is just part of a whole as a community. It is my goal to develop independent learners who have a love for learning, and they will be ready to collaborate with others to improve their personal learning experiences.
Minna Kim
Name: Minna Kim
E-mail Address: minna.kim@monticelloacademy.net