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Lucinda Salzman
Name: Lucinda Salzman
E-mail Address: lucinda.salzman@monticelloacademy.net
Rachel Selke
Name: Rachel Selke
E-mail Address: rachel.selke@monticelloacademy.net
Melody Shock
Name: Melody Shock
E-mail Address: melody.shock@monticelloacademy.net
Bio: I started out as an English major, hoping one day to write a best seller. I dabbled in journalism, then changed my major to science, then history. (I could be a professional student!) After working with the Head Start program, I changed to an education major with specialties in all those areas, as well as early childhood. I have taught all ages and subjects, but my love of loves, is history. I am an avid activist in the political arena, especially water issues. I have been involved in numerous political campaigns and can honestly say I have walked every neighborhood in Sandy, knocking on doors and educating the voters on issue and candidates that I support . I have been teaching at Monticello since they opened in 2006. Our family lives in Sandy. We have three children, two in college. I have three "cuter-than-yours" grandchildren and spend my spare time reading or writing (still working on that novel). I love to travel. I would love to see all the places that I teach about and will ... someday. The Core Knowledge curriculum that we teach at Monticello is absolutely the best. Challenging the students and seeing them reach the high standards is very rewarding.
Rachael Simpson
Name: Rachael Simpson
E-mail Address: rachael.simpson@monticelloacademy.net
Robyn Stam
Name: Robyn Stam
E-mail Address: robyn.stam@monticelloacademy.net
Bio: Administrative Assistant - Office