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Sheena Tuft
Name: Sheena Tuft
E-mail Address: sheena.tuft@monticelloacademy.net
Bio: It is not ONLY the destination, but it is the JOURNEY along the way that makes you WHO you are and WHAT you BECOME.

My educational background has been quite an extraordinary journey, and still continues to take me to unfamiliar places. My passion for teaching runs deep. Learning is not only a fragment of my profession, but a hobby that I revisit often. Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with my education. In fact, when I was in 7 th grade I recall my mother got very upset with me after she discovered that I had sneaked out and went to school ...SICK. I had been told to stay home after throwing up the previous night as well as most of my most recent breakfast that morning. Yet, I could not fathom what a day of school would be like without my presence. From a young age most would agree that acquiring knowledge fascinated me, even now more than ever. Today, we are fortunate to have technology at our finger tips enabling us to access even more information with ease.

I went straight to Westminster College after I graduated high school with a 3.96 GPA. Four years later, I graduated with Honors, “ Magna Cum Laude, from Westminster College in 2005 .I have been teaching every since! Monticello is the third school I have ever taught at, and could easily be the last. This is officially my 12th year of teaching upper elementary grades 3-6, including the last five years I have spent teaching here at Monticello. My high expectations and dedication to achievement for all students fits perfectly with Monticello Academy's mission and vision.

Although I was raised with a family of all girls, I now have my own family consisting of all boys. I enjoy my family, and often find myself tagging along with the boys to go camping, fishing, hiking, and several other outdoor activities.