The Monticello Academy Uniform

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Definitions and Clarifications of Items

  • Student clothing must be intended for uniform use.  Fashion (non-uniform) clothing in Monticello colors is NOT acceptable.  If in doubt, ask a school uniform representative before finalizing purchases.
  • Monticello Academy is “content-neutral.”  This means that anything worn by a student cannot have visible writing, symbols, emblems, or logos (except for the approved MA logo).
  • All clothing must be an appropriate size for the student. Clothing cannot be tight-fitting, too short, too baggy or over-sized.  Shirts must be long enough to stay tucked in.  Hems of pants must not drag on the ground.  Skirt hems must come to the knee.  Waistbands must be no lower than the top of the hipbone.
  • All clothing must be in good, clean, wearable condtion.  Visible excessive wear (holes, tears, discoloration, fraying, etc.) is not acceptable.  Alterations or mending must not be noticable or distract from the overall appearance of the uniform.
  • Outerwear (non-uniform jackets and sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, boots, etc.) must be removed once inside the school building and put on only when students go outside.
  • MA plaid items and logos must be purchased through an approved vendor.

Monticello Academy Uniform Policy

All students:

Polo:  Classic collared knit shirt with long or short sleeves in solid white or burgundy.  Must be worn tucked in and buttoned at least part way.  MA logo optional.

* 2-4 buttons at placket.  Short sleeves must cover the entire shoulder (min. 4” in length). 

Pants:   Business-style cotton twill pants, pleated or flat-front, in khaki (like Dockers).                   

*No casual or jean-style pants.  No metal buttons/rivets.  Only the opening of pockets can be seen (no outside, cargo, or patch pockets).  Pant legs hang straight from the hip; no tapered, skinny, or flared pants.  No denim.  No jeggings/leggings (tight-fitting, stretchy knit fabrics). 

Sweater:  Cardigan (button front) in solid burgundy.  MA logo optional.

Sweater vest:  V-neck sweater vest in burgundy.  MA logo optional.  Worn with white uniform shirts only.

Belt: Smooth or braided leather-look,  or woven fabric,  in solid black or dark brown. Mandatory except for Kindergarten students or pants designed without loops.

*No studs, rivets, cut-outs, stamping, or decorations.  Simple functional buckles only.

Shoes:  Dress or athletic shoes in 100% black or dark brown (shiny, patent finish okay; no glitter/metallic).

*Soles and laces must be the same color as shoe. No visible details, accents, or decoration.  Must be totally enclosed with heels less than 2” in height.  Shoes must be worn as designed; have laces or buckles fastened.  Boots (shoes that go higher than the ankle-bone) are outerwear and cannot be worn inside.  No heelies or casual shoes (slippers, moccasins, etc.)  

*Does not include boots:

—Boots are considered “outerwear,” only worn during recess, and while coming to or leaving the school.
—Shoes that stand above the ankle are considered boots.

Socks:   Solid, 100% white, black, or brown.  Required.

Undershirts:  Solid, 100% white only.

Hair Accessories for all GIRLS:  Simple hair accessories in MA plaid or solid burgundy, black, white, or neutral brown colors.  Cannot be larger than the student’s fist.  (If not removeable, accessories must meet hair guidelines in the handbook.)


Additional options for all BOYS:

Oxford: Classic pointed-collar dress shirt with buttoned front, short or long-sleeved in solid white woven fabric. Cotton or cotton blends only.  MA logo optional.  *MA encourages wearing oxford with a uniform tie and/or sweater. 

Tie: Standard tie in MA plaid or solid burgundy. No bow ties.

 *Administration may give special permission for “team” ties to be worn on specific days.


Dress Option for K - 5th Girls:

Jumper: Knee-length, drop-waist or A-line jumper in MA plaid or solid khaki.  Worn with peter pan blouse.

*No knife-pleats or set-in waist.  Full bib styles only.  Jumper hemline must touch the knee, but no longer than mid-calf.

Peter pan: Rounded-collar blouse with buttons down the front, long or short-sleeved in solid white.  Only worn with jumper.

—Cross tie: (optional with the jumper)

Tights or socks: Tights or socks in solid white or black.  When wearing a jumper, tights or modesty shorts must be worn.

*Cable-knit okay. No see-through nylons.

Modesty shorts: Hidden, above-the-knee length shorts in solid neutral colors (white, black, brown, navy, khaki).

*Worn under jumpers only. Must not show when the student is in a normal upright position. 


Additional options for 6th- 9th grades only:

Polo: Same as previous description, but black also allowed.  (Not worn with black pants.)

Pants: Same as previous description, but black also allowed.  (Not worn with black on top.)

Jacket: Zip-up, hoodless micro-fleece jacket in solid burgundy.  MA logo optional.

*Black jackets can ONLY be worn by students with special permission.  Embroidery stating reason for this special recognition (such as team or officer position) is mandatory.

9th grade only: Standard, solid black tie.  (No bow ties.)


Dress Option for 6th - 9th Girls: 

Skirt:     Knee-length, box-pleat skirt in MA plaid or solid khaki.  MA plaid worn with white uniform shirts only.

 *No knife-pleats.  Skirt must touch the knee, but not be longer than mid-calf.

Oxford: Pointed-collar blouse with buttoned front, short or long-sleeved in solid white woven cotton or cotton blend fabric.

Tie:  Standard tie in MA plaid or solid burgundy.  Worn with oxford blouse only.

Tights or socks: Tights or socks in solid white or black.  When wearing a skirt, tights or modesty shorts must be worn.

*Cable-knit okay.  No see-through nylons.          

Modesty shorts:  Hidden, above-the-knee length shorts in solid neutral colors (white, black, brown, navy, khaki).

*Worn under skirts.  Must not show when the student is in a normal upright position. 


PE Uniform for 4th - 9th Students:

T-shirt: Sturdy, loose-fitting tee in solid burgundy or light heather gray knit fabric.  MA logo optional.

Shorts:  Athletic style shorts in solid black nylon fabric.

*Must be longer than the fingertips when standing normally, but not longer than the knee.

 Sweatpant:  Athletic style straight-legged sweat pant in solid black fleece fabric.

*Can be open or elastic at ankle.  No leggings/jeggings , capri, flare, or yoga-style pants (stretchy knit fabrics).

Shoes:  Any athletic shoes designed for sport activities.  Uniform socks must be worn.

*Students may remain in their regular MA uniform or change into the MA gym uniform.  No other clothing is allowed.




Students should come to school each day with clean clothing and free from body odor, bad breath, or other hygiene related distractions to the learning environment.

Make-up and Nail Polish

  • Make-up should not be worn by young girls and should be used sparingly by girls in upper grades.
  • Nail polish must be clear. 
  • No shiny body glitter.
  • No stickers, tattoos, or face paintings unless used in conjunction with a school sponsored activity. 


  • Hair must be clean, neat, and well groomed. 
  • Only natural hair colors are allowed.
  • Extreme hair styles, cuts, or shaves (Mohawks, Spikes, shaved words or letters, etc.) are not allowed. If a student is using gel or other products on the hair it cannot stand higher than one inch on top of the head. No spikes will be allowed.
  • Girls may wear conservative, color coordinated hair accessories. Head bands cannot be worn on the forehead. 



Where to Purchase Monticello Academy Uniforms

Listed below are approved vendors and brands. These are stores that carry these items year round, and have been looked at for quality and consistency.

Uniform items can be purchased at these stores locally or online. Please see the specified brands approved from each store as follows:

Preferred Vendors

True Value Family Store
4860 S Redwood Rd in Taylorsville, UT (801)964-1600
MA plaid jumpers and skirts. Pants, polos, knee-length khaki skirts. Burgundy fleece jackets. MA logo embroidery. Special order available.Year round.  Works directly with our school to ensure their uniforms meet our uniform policy.(True Value also sells to other schools, so be sure to choose only Monticello Academy plaid and colors.)

Academy Uniforms (Please use their "shop by school/grade" option.)

academyuniforms.com            1-888-297-5243
Elderwear and K12 Academy. Monticello Academy plaid (have these items in skirts, jumpers, ties, cross ties, back packs, as well as hair accessories). They provide our burgundy sweaters, and they will embroider all polos, sweaters and vests if desired for a small cost. (Correct school colors will be displayed when you select the size.)

Local Stores

JC Penney or jcp.com (You can special order at any store register.)

IZOD white polo's, khaki pants and jumpers are available seasonally in store.
Van Heusen Oxfords


On-line Vendors

The Childrens Wear Outlet

Genuine School Uniform and K12 by Elderwear

Many uniform options, including shoes. MA plaid, burgundy sweaters and fleece jackets.

Land's End
Polos, sweaters, pants, oxfords, PE, shoes, etc. Returns are accepted at local Sear's stores Now has Juniors sizes (pencil-leg pants NOT acceptable from any vendor)

George brand pants (including Junior sizes), jumper and some polos. Short-sleeve girls shirts are currently NOT approved. Dickie boys' khakis, if the logo is removed.



It is YOUR responsibility to know and understand the uniform policy before finalizing purchases.

  • All uniforms must appear to be the same as those pictured and described on our school website.
  • Many vendors now have uniform options, but they change styles frequently and may NOT be acceptable at Monticello Academy.  (Examples: Kohl’s, Target, Gap, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Gymboree)
  • Please ask for clarifications from the school office staff or uniform committee (Aleece Winters, alntel@msn.com).